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Some insight on staying engaged from Welsch Aviation’s Director of Sales Dave Bausch.

As the newest member of the the Welsch Team, I am privileged to continue my passion of flying Gulfstream Aircraft as a contract pilot for Fortune 100 companies and all the while holding the position of Director of Sales. Currently qualified on both the G-650 and G-550 (they are superb aircraft), I can tell you first hand they are the ultimate in ultra long distance travel. Both aircraft deliver beyond advertised performance. The customers (Passengers) are looking for reliability and comfort and that’s what they get! On my recent G-550 trip the aircraft traveled west coast to east coast and, after a crew exchange, continued on deep into Southern Europe all without a single issue. These aircraft have the highest reliability rating in the industry.

Continuing to fly as a crew member keeps me operationally connected to the corporate aviation industry, up to date on a myriad of aircraft market related data, and the opportunity to observe directly what the customer is expecting and experiencing.

I invite perspective buyers an/or sellers to contact the Savannah Sales Team for any assistance to meet your aviation needs.

All the Best,

Dave Bausch
Director of Sales